Keyport Now Available in Australia

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Keyport in Australia, the first country outside of North America to have local Keyport Authorized Dealers. You can find a full list of Authorized Dealers via For details, please read the official press release below.



Keyport, Inc. Partners with the SIEPER Group to Get Australia Ported

Las Vegas, NV – Keyport, Inc. is pleased to announce that Keyport products are now available in Australia. Previously only available online, the Keyport Slide will be sold through select specialist locksmiths throughout Australia and soon in New Zealand.

Australia is the first country outside of North America which Keyport has expanded into. “We are thrilled to partner with leading security hardware distributor, SIEPER Group, to bring Keyport to Australia and New Zealand and to offer a new way for Australians and Kiwis to show off their own individual sense of everyday carry style,” said David Cooper, president of Keyport.

Combining utility with style, the Keyport Slide reinvents the conventional keychain by consolidating the user’s most important personal items (keys, USB flash drive, mini-light, bottle opener, barcode holder, etc.) into a single, streamlined device.

Keyport’s CEO and Chief Product Designer, Josh Downes, explained, “We have always had a great deal of interest and enthusiasm from our friends Down Under, and we are looking forward to giving them an easy and affordable way to purchase Keyport products locally and to getting them ported.”

Instead of sending keys across the Globe to be custom converted into Keyport Blades in the U.S., Australians can now visit the growing list of Keyport dealers in Australia and get their personalized Keyport within minutes; saving considerable time, effort, and cost. A list of Australian Keyport dealers can be found at

About Keyport:
Keyport ( combines technology, convenience, and style to redefine the way in which we customize, carry, and interact with our most frequently used personal items, typically crammed onto a keychain or stuffed uncomfortably into a pocket or purse. Our flagship product, the Keyport Slide, reinvents the conventional keychain by consolidating the user’s most important personal items (keys, USB flash drive, mini-light, bottle opener, barcode holder, etc.) into a single, streamlined device that attaches easily to any auto remote. Only slightly larger than a pack of gum, the Keyport provides quick access to keys and tools with just the slide of a thumb.


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Knight’s Armament Keyport Giveaway

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Knight's Armament KeyportKeyport is proud to partner with Knight’s Armament, one of the premier firearms and firearms parts manufacturers in the U.S., to create a custom-branded Knight’s Armament Keyport Slide.  With its stealth look, compact size, no pocket jingle, and one-handed access, the KAC Slide is the perfect weapon to combat pocket clutter.  To celebrate this collaboration, we have put together an awesome giveaway with the grand prize winner to receive the first ever Knight’s Armament Keyport Slide Bundle.

11/25/2013 Winners Announced

Grand Prize: Derek S.
T-Shirt 1: Flemming J.
T-Shirt 2: Jaryl C.
20% Code 1: Scott T.
20% Code 2: Dominic W.
20% Code 3: Sean M.
20% Code 4: Mark A.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About Keyport
Keyport combines technology, convenience, and style to redefine the way in which we customize, carry, and interact with our most frequently used personal items typically crammed onto a keychain or stuffed uncomfortably into a pocket or purse.  The Keyport Slide 2.0 reinvents the conventional keychain by consolidating the user’s most important personal items (keys, USB flash drive, mini-light, bottle opener, barcode holder, etc.) into a single, streamlined device.

About Knight’s Armament
Founded to focus on products which met the needs of U.S. Special Forces, Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) has evolved into a leading weapons manufacturer offering complete weapon systems, modular accessories and Knight Vision electro-optics.  Today, KAC is one of the largest small arms facilities in the US with numerous law enforcement entities as well as units from all branches of our Nation’s military relying on KAC weapons and accessories. is the central stop for all KAC merchandise. It consists of both men’s and women’s fashions and all manner of accessories including baggage and other nylon goods which serve as both fashionable arm candy and rugged range gear.  Keyport is proud to collaborate with KAC on the Knight’s Armament Keyport Slide available on after the giveaway. Supplies are limited.


  • GRAND PRIZE – 1 Knight’s Armament Keyport Slide 2.0 Ultimate Bundle w/32GB USB Flash Drive, Mini-Light, Bottle Opener, 3 Standard Blades, and S-Biner MicroLock
  • 2 Keyport T-Shirts
  • 4 20% Off Coupons to Keyport’s Store

To enter the giveaway you must like Keyport +1 & KACGear +1 on Facebook.
You will get additional entries when follow @theKeyport +1 on Twitter.
You can Tweet about the contest once per day and receive +1 entry per Tweet.
You can also follow theKeyport +1 on Instagram.

Enter to win in the giveaway box above. Good luck and thanks for playing!

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Vote for the October #KeyportPicOfTheMonth

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Which of the 4 #KeyportPicOfTheWeek images for October do you like the best? Simply click one of the 4 buttons below to vote. That’s all there is to it! Whoever has the most votes by Monday, Nov. 11th at noon will win the #KeyportPicOfTheMonth for October, and get $50 internal credit in the Keyport Store along with a free Keyport T-Shirt.

Thanks for voting! Now get out there and take some pictures of your Keyport for a chance to win one of the #KeyportPicOfTheWeek contests this month. Here are the rules:

Every week we will choose a Keyporter image from various social media including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as the #keyportpicoftheweek. The winner gets a $10 internal credit and entered into the #keyportpicofthemonth. Pic of the month winners will get $50 internal credit and a Keyport T-Shirt. Pics are chosen at random but cc us and tag your pics with #keyport and/or #thekeyport to get recognized. Good luck!

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Refer a Dealer, Get a Free Keyport

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Attention Keyporters!

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a local Keyport dealer in your area so you had easy access to new Keyport products, including Blades? We are looking for experienced key cutters (e.g. locksmiths and hardware stores) with awesome customer support and a lot of enthusiasm for Keyport products to join our growing list of Authorized Keyport Dealers in the USA & Canada. We need your help in identifying and recruiting them.

You can now earn up to $75 for each new locksmith or hardware store you refer when they purchase a merchant package and join our authorized dealer network.

The referral fee structure is as follows:

  • Starter Package – Free Keyport Slide 2.0 or $29 internal credit
  • Advanced Package – $50 internal credit
  • Pro Package – $75 internal credit

There is no cap on the number of referrals you can receive, but you must be an existing customer to be eligible for a referral fee.

Key Cutter Card front/back

Key Cutter Card front/back

How Do I Do It, You Ask?

Your Keyport order comes with a locksmith card which you hand to your local key cutter when you get your Blades cut. The card gives them a bit of information on Keyport. In addition, you can print a copy of our dealer brochure and our dealer application to take with you. You can also direct them to visit or call our dealer line at (855) KEYPORT (539-7678) x2 for more information.

Most importantly, tell them about your Keyport experience – why you bought one and how carrying Keyport products would probably encourage you to use this store for all your locksmith related needs in addition to the purchase of additional Keyport products.

How Will We Know That You Referred Someone?

We have added a referral line on the dealer application, and we will make sure to ask all new dealers who referred them. In order for a customer to collect on the referral fee, the new dealer must specifically mention the customer by full name. Ideally, you will provide them with your email address as well to make it easier for us to look up. As soon as the merchant package ships, we will credit your Keyport account accordingly.

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Win the *New* Ice Keyport Slide 2.0

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We’re introducing a new 2.0 color…and it’s clearly (no pun intended) the coolest (no pun intended) color yet. The Ice Keyport Slide 2.0 makes your key Blades and Inserts look like they are suspended inside a translucent cube of ice. Check out the video below.

The new Ice Keyport will be available in the Keyport Store on Sept. 25 after the winner of the giveaway is announced. The grand prize includes the Ice Keyport Slide 2.0 along with 4 Standard Blades, Mini-Light Insert, 16Gb Flash Drive Insert, and CleverClip ($100 value). Five, 2nd place winners will earn a 20% off coupon, and everyone that enters will get free USPS First Class shipping on orders over $50.

Earn multiple entries by completing the simple tasks below. Good Luck!


ICE Keyport Slide 2.0s are now available in the Keyport Store, click here to get ported.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Dealer Profile – Mario’s Lock & Key

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Mario's Lock & Key

Mario’s Lock & Key (Carlstadt, NJ)

One of the coolest feelings for us as a company is to add a locksmith to our dealer team that “gets it”.  These dealers are at the top of their profession – they are experienced, provide expert advice and quality customer support, and they recognize that Keyport can add value to both their customers and their business.  As a result, we get very happy customers who have a local place to go to buy Keyport products and address all of their locksmithing/security needs, while the dealer often gets a customer for life.  Mario’s Lock & Key out of Carlstadt, NJ is a prime example of the kind of dealer we are proud to have in our network.

Here is a short profile with Mario’s own Dan and Jeff:

How long has Mario’s Lock & Key been around?
Mario’s Lock & Key has been a reputable member of the community in the Meadowlands for over 40 years.

What do you specialize in?
We Specialize in Security Services for Residential, Commercial, and State run institutions.  These services include:

  • Key Cutting & Programing and Hardware Sales at our location
  • Auto Remotes Sold, Serviced, and Programmed
  • Lock installations, Repairs, & Rekeys On-Site
  • Advanced MasterKey Systems
  • High Security Lock installations & Key cutting Continue reading
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Visit An Authorized Keyport Dealer

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For those of you who have a Keyport Authorized Dealer within driving distance, we highly recommend that you pay them a visit.  These locksmiths and hardware stores stock the latest Keyport products and are highly skilled at cutting all sorts of keys.  With our Authorized Dealers, you will be able to pick up your Keyport Slide 2.0 same day.  Just make sure to give them a ring first to confirm that they still have 2.0 inventory as they are selling out quickly.

Keyport Authorized Dealer

For many of our dealers, key cutting is just the beginning.  These experts have significant experience in a wide range of residential and commercial security applications and can assist you with many, if not all, of your future security needs – from middle of the night lockouts, to recoring all your house locks onto a single key (Blade), to installing the latest and greatest door hardware (Keyport compatible, of course), safes, and alarms.  Knowing a good locksmith can be a lifesaver, and our dealers are some of the best in the business.

If you do not already have an Authorized Keyport Dealer in your area, but you know of a great locksmith or hardware store, please introduce them to Keyport.  We are always looking to add top notch key cutters to our network.

Click here to see if you have a Keyport Authorized Dealer near you.


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Keyport Slide 2.0 Assembly Video

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How to Assemble a Keyport Slide 2.0 from theKeyport on Vimeo.

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Keyport Slide 2.0 Backed on Kickstarter

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We are halfway through our Kickstarter campaign for the Keyport Slide 2.0, and thanks to you, we soared past our initial goal of $75k in the first 35 hours! While we are excited about the campaign’s early success, we believe that we can hit a couple of stretch goals with your help. These stretch goals allow us to provide you additional options (such as the colored side plates at our first stretch goal) that we wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to be able to offer. So, every pledge makes a difference.

Keyport Slide 2.0 Kickstarter LogoFor those of you who have not already visited our Kickstarter campaign, please check it here.

Here are just a few ways the success of our Kickstarter campaign directly affects you:

  • Funds raised significantly speeds up bringing the 2.0 to market
  • We are able to offer additional options that we otherwise may not have been able to offer afterwards for some time (e.g. colored side plates)
  • New dealers and distribution opportunities that arise as a result of Kickstarter provide expand our local retail presence
  • Exciting partnership opportunities help us to widen our reach, expand our product offerings, and integrate new technologies
  • Reaching stretch goals allow us to speed up the time to new product development
  • That said, our focus from the campaign’s kick-off has been squarely fixed on delivering an exceptional product that you have helped us to develop. Getting ported, providing us your feedback, telling your friends and family about us, and backing our project on Kickstarter – each of these has a significant impact on making the 2.0 a reality, and we are most grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm.

As we make the transition to 2.0, we are not going to continue to offer the V.01 once our current supply runs out. So, as the old saying goes, “get ‘em while they’re hot” because once a particular color is sold out, then that is it for the foreseeable future.

Visit the Keyport Store

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SOPL – Product of Value Award

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Keyport is proud to announce that the Keyport Slide has received the Product of Value (POV) Award from the Society of Professional Locksmiths (SOPL). THE SOPL is a global organization of certified professional locksmiths and security experts that provides industry education, certification, and business development.

To achieve this recognition, The Keyport Slide met the following criteria:
#1 – It provides a solution to a specific problem
#2 – It is cost effective and provides a return on investment (ROI)
#3 – Demonstrates efficient design and purpose
#4 – Exhibits quality control, good manufacturing practices
#5 – It is profitable to the locksmith and benefits the consumer

Founder and Director of Operations of the SOPL, Tom Lynch, shared the good news with us, “Your product has passed a criteria that meets or exceeds expectations and the SOPL is proud to acknowledge it and assist you in promoting it.”

SOPL members are exactly the type of experts we would like to recruit as Authorized Keyport Dealers and to whom we would like to refer our customers when cutting Blades or needing other locksmithing services.

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