How to Order a Keyport

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First time ordering a Keyport online and wondering how we convert your keys to Keyport compatible keys (Blades)? Here’s how it works…


Here are the 3 simple steps for submitting your key images:

1. Print the Key Photo ID Form.

2. Fill out the form with as much information about your keys as possible, including all of the information written on the keys themselves, what they are used for, etc.

3. Take photos of both the front and back of your keys on the form (per the detailed instructions included with the form), and submit them to our Key ID Form secure upload database.


Once you submit your form our locksmiths will identify your keys and email you the results within 2 business days. We say it takes 2 weeks for your entire order to be processed and shipped but typically it takes less than a week. When your Keyport arrives, you take your new Keyport Blade blanks along with your original keys to your locksmith to get duplicated.


Yes, security is our highest priority. We recommend covering the cuts on your keys with tape, or photo-shopping them out so your keys cannot be duplicated from the photos. Please see diagram on the Key Photo ID form for instructions.



What is the difference between a traditional key and a Keyport Blade?
What do I do if I have less or more than 6 keys?
My key looks really thick. Will it fit?
What types of high-security keys are compatible with Keyport?
I was issued a key that says “Do Not Duplicate” on it. Is it compatible?

You can also email our support staff: or call 855-KEYPORT 9am-4pm PST

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62 Responses to How to Order a Keyport

  1. Ira Lichtenstein says:

    Do I have to go to a locksmith with the blanks and my keys or do you cut the blanks from the picture I send? If I do have to go to a locksmith, do they all work with these blanks?



    • keyport says:

      You will need to visit a locksmith to have the blank Keyport Blades we send you duplicated from your original set of keys. Yes, Keyport Blades can be duplicated on any key machine.

  2. Jamie Gruener says:

    At the end of the order form there’s a field for Product Tags. What are Product Tags? What’s a good way to use that field?

  3. Steve Blarkman says:

    When in the ordering process is it determined that a chipped auto key should be custom converted or simply duplicated by the consumer?

    • keyport says:

      Good question. We usually let you know after you submit your Key ID form. It depends if your auto key is On Board Programmable or not based on the year, make, and model. I can let you know if you tell me what kind of car you have or you can email our support staff if you prefer:

  4. Aaron says:

    Does Paul Van Dyk know you used part of his song? Just curious.

  5. Sam says:

    My car has keyless entry…is there any solution for this?

    • keyport says:

      Yes, you can attach your keyless entry remote/fob to your Keyport’s detachable lanyard.

  6. yuzutsai says:

    1. I would like to know if KEYPORT doing international shipping to Taiwan?
    2. The specifications of key may be different from U.S.A, can you figure out the blades precisely which is totally fit Asian specifications?

    Thanks!! :)

    • keyport says:

      Yes, we ship to Taiwan. Just fill out the Key ID Form so we can see images of your keys and we will let you know if they are compatible.

  7. Adil says:

    Hi had a question…
    1) Have one of the high security keys with multiple rings in it can u create that for me or no?
    2) I cannot download that key photo form from hte above link it says “broken file” can u please email me the form.

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  9. greg says:

    what happens if you misplace the keyport or even lost it. do I need a spare?

    • keyport says:

      We have a unique lost and found program. Each Keyport has a unique serial number and is engraved with REWARD IF FOUND along with our website url. This way you are much more likely to have your Keyport returned if it were ever misplaced. Learn more here:

      • Emmy says:

        do you guys actually pay a reward, or am I going to end up in a ransom situation?

        • keyport says:

          Haha! We give a discount in the Keyport store to the finder and ask the person who lost it to give a small reward of their choice as a thank you.

  10. Carlos says:

    what should i do if using my keyport one of my keys is broken?

  11. Peter Wood says:

    Can you send the blades without the photos of my keys… ¿?¿

    • keyport says:

      I wish it were that easy:) But, since there are thousands of different key blanks in the world, we need to see your keys and identify them by the individual manufacturer’s codes so we can send you the correct Blades with your order.

  12. Marinko says:

    I would like to know if KEYPORT doing international shipping to Croatia?

    • keyport says:

      Yes, we ship to Croatia but we do not stock Croatian key blanks so all of our international customers must send their keys to us so we can convert them to Keyport compatible Blades.

  13. brian says:

    2 bad keys will be obsolete.

    • keyport says:

      Currently there are over half a billion keys sold every year in the US alone so it may take some time for such obsolescence.

  14. Ryan says:

    I’m interested in getting purchasing a Keyport, the one issue that still makes me hesitant, is knowing if I can make a copy for my bike lock key. It’s laser etched and strictly comes in sets of 3. Any option to get it replaced requires going to the lock manufacturer directly. If you can off any insight and tell me whether or not this would be possible, I would love to buy a Keyport. They look very handy and convenient.

    Thank you.

    In case it matters. The lock and manufacturer is the San Quentin model made by Blackburn.

    • keyport says:

      Ryan, I’m not familiar with the exact lock you’re referring to but I’m almost positive we can do it unless it’s one of those round cylinder type keys found in older U-locks. You would need to send one of the copies to us so we can convert it to a Keyport Blade. This service is included when you purchase a Keyport. Send us an image of the key first to confirm if you want to be sure:

  15. Paul says:

    What happens if after you have the blades sent to you, u need to change out keys, perhaps you move or get a new car?

    • keyport says:

      You can get new Blades anytime and add them to your Keyport. It’s way faster and easier to transfer Blades in and out of a Keyport than getting keys off a key ring.

  16. jamie dalgetty says:

    will this work for subaru keys?

  17. Emily says:

    I know that car keys are often hard and expensive to get duplicated, so how are you able to get key blanks carved to match your car keys? Can just any locksmith do it, or is there something else we need to know?

    • keyport says:

      Most car keys are cut just like regular keys. It’s programming the transponder chip that’s expensive. We sell the chip and key (Blade) to nearly every car for $20 and most of the time the chip is on board programmable. You won’t find a better deal anywhere. What kind of car do you have and I’ll tell you exactly how it will work? You may not even have a chip in your key.

  18. Riley Lavering says:

    I was going through the process of ordering a standard bundle, but i found that the option to choose the gunmetal slide color was not offered, but the other three new colors (champagne, copper, and spectrum i think) were offered. Is that a glitch, or is gunmetal not being offered at this time?

    • keyport says:

      We sold out of gunmetal Keyports recently. We are almost ready to release a new batch in the next week or so. Black is the closest alternative, and looks really awesome.

  19. Dan says:

    I just have one quick question. I was thinking about getting a keyport but am not sure if it will work for my truck. It’s a 1990 F150 and there is a slot that the key fits into in the ignition and I don’ know if the sliding key in the keyport will work. Do you guys know? Thanks in advance.

  20. Abhishek says:

    I am very much interested buying your product, but do you guys ship to India and what would be the additional shipping charges??

  21. Dan says:

    For some reason my question was deleted so I’ll ask it again. Is the Keyport compatible with a 1990 Ford F150′s ignition? I want to buy one for my truck but need to know if it will work before I order it.

    • keyport says:

      Oops, it wasn’t deleted… it was actually sitting in the moderation queue. Sorry for the delayed response. See below.

  22. Eric Swanson says:

    I was wondering if you were working on a keyport with 8 or more slots.

  23. Will says:

    What about university dorm-room keys? They belong to the university and I’m not sure if we are allowed to make duplicates of them, but it is my most used key.

    • keyport says:

      Hi Will: Most likely your dorm key is high-security meaning only the dorm manager can get copies. You will need to send us a copy of the key for conversion to a Keyport Blade so you may need to purchase an extra copy from the dorm manager.

  24. oaussieo says:

    I am very interested in purchasing this my vehicle is a 2006 ford mustang and from what I understand they have a chip in the Key. Is this something I will have to have removed from a key I currently own or do you have a another way for keys with chips inserted in them (if this is the case with mine) ?


    • keyport says:

      Your 2006 Ford Mustang does have a chipped key. The chip is On Board Programmable meaning we send you a blank chip along with some simple instructions so you can program it yourself. It’s only $20 when you purchase your Keyport.

  25. Ali says:

    Hi there,

    am living in UAE. do i have to send my keys or its enough to send the photos?

    • keyport says:

      We need you to send your actual keys since we don’t stock UAE key blanks. We need to see your keys first on the key id form to ensure they are all compatible. Once we confirm, you can place your order and send in your keys.

  26. Anthony says:

    Why is the car key not available for a 2000 Ford Explorer?

    • keyport says:

      We’re just updating the database since we found a new chip option for your Ford Explorer. It is a chipped key, but compatible and On Board Programmable. Go ahead and choose later model of the Explorer when you checkout and you should be all set. Include the key and correct year on your Key ID Form.

  27. John Legrand says:


    As your website is able to identify car keys, do I still need to send you pictures of mine? And also, if one forgets to cover the cuts on the ID form, is there still some security attached to the pictures? Do you delete them?


    • keyport says:

      Yes, we still need to see your key since there are various versions for the same car in most cases. Some cars also change ignitions mid-year. We want to be sure we send you the correct Blade. As recommended, please cover the teeth of the keys with tape on the key id form. When you do this, there is no way anyone could ever copy them from the picture.

  28. Will says:

    I just purchased my keyport and was wondering when I get it can I get the blades cut at any hardware store or do I have to go to a lock smith

    • keyport says:

      Hi Will, we highly recommend going to a certified locksmith in your area rather than a hardware store. Enjoy your Keyport!

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  31. Edil Bertini says:

    Hi, my car is a 2002 jeep grand cherokee, and is a chipped key, it seems to be a on board programig, but I only have one original key, what should I do?

  32. Mike says:

    Is there anybody that I can send a picture of my key, that will send me a duplicate?

  33. Josh says:

    My ’11 Sienna has a “G” chip key, but Indont believe it’s a prox key as listed in the site’s checker. Please let me know if you could sell me a compatible blade. Thanks

    • keyport says:

      We do have the compatible Blade and G chip for your Sienna. You could also send in a spare key (if you have one) for conversion so you would have to pay to get it programmed. You will know it’s prox if you don’t need a key to start the vehicle. Prox keys are pushbutton start.