Keyport Fashion PhotoShoot

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We recently had the pleasure of working with 2 Las Vegas photographers on a collaborative Keyport fashion photoshoot on location at The Venetian. The shoot features 6 gorgeous models and our new Swarovski crystal nodes and spinner caps each with it’s own jeweled wrist adornment. Keyport is meticulously designed with fashion, personal style, and convenience in mind. It’s the fashionista’s new must-have accessory. Your keys never looked this good.

See entire photo shoot on Flickr or Facebook

With Keyport’s new spinner cap you can easily attach a chain, bracelet, hook, etc. to your Keyport and clip it on your bag’s d-ring. Hang it on the outside or an inside pocket. You will never lose your Keyport/keys at the bottom of your bag again, and it won’t scratch up your sunglasses, phone, or tablet. With a range of customizable features including stainless steel PVD colors and Swarovski crystal nodes, you can design a Keyport to match your own personal style. Customize your Keyport Slide here.

Photo credits:
Amy Leavitt
Cindy Larkin

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One Response to Keyport Fashion PhotoShoot

  1. jon miller says:

    keyport looks so much better than the mess of half nickle, brass chunk of keys